How to find a PhD supervisor

In many ways the most important person in the whole process of obtaining a doctorate is your supervisor (promotor). He or she supervises the research and gives advice. The supervisor has to declare that he or she is willing to accept you as a candidate (promovendus) before any further steps can be taken.

Every full professor has the right to act as a PhD supervisor. By the time you plan to earn a doctorate in the Netherlands, you may already know - from publications in academic journals, conferences and similar gatherings - which professor you would like to have as your supervisor.
If you know a professor or senior staff member at Leiden University, you may contact him or her directly to discuss your plans.

Professors within the Graduate Schools

Please contact the Graduate Schools for help in finding a supervisor.

For general information about the admission procedures, please see Admission Procedure.

Last Modified: 07-09-2015